Dentash’s resignation as deputy PM is timely

Turkey’s EU Minister and chief EU negotiator Volkan Bozkir has said that the resignation of Serdar Denktash as the TRNC’s deputy prime minister was timely. He said that, “The father of Serdar Denktash, the late Rauf Denktash was the TRNC’s hero and a historical name. However, the late Denktash was the reason for the non-solution of the Cyprus problem. For many years and at several stages when the solution was very close, he took a stance against it,” said Bozkir.

“I can say that he [Serdar] is his father’s son. He had always shared the same views. So, I consider his resignation as timely, since it is taking place in a period when the Cyprus negotiations have resumed and in a period when an opportunity for a solution has arisen.”

Bozkir expressed the hope there would be a solution by September or shortly after, which would, he said enable Turkey to open some of the blocked chapters in its EU accession process.

Serdar Denktash reacted strongly to Bozkir statements, describing them as a “huge political gaffe”.

He said he could not understand why a Turkish minister would say such a thing when two other TRNC presidents, Mehmet Ali Talat and Dervis Eroglu had followed Denktash and yet there was still no solution. The Greek Cypriot side was to blame for that, he said.

According to TRNC daily ‘Havadis’, Denktas said he had stepped down from his posts as deputy PM and Sport and Culture minister because the government had presented itself as reformist. However, it had done nothing to ease the problems of the people. He also aimed criticism at Turkey, while acknowledging the financial help it had given the TRNC. He said that Turkish aid delegations had gone well beyond their remit, had undermined the political authority of the country and “become the main actors in the system”.

Daily Sabah, Havadis

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