Deputy UNSG Miroslav Jenča Visits Cyprus

Deputy UNSG Miroslav Jenca - Pres. Ersin Tatar
[Deputy UNSG Miroslav Jenča – President Ersin Tatar]
Friday, 18 November 2022

United Nations (UN) Political Affairs Division Europe, Central Asia and America Deputy Secretary-General Miroslav Jenča met both Cypriot community leaders on the island in the ongoing quest for common ground to commence negotiations, Yeniduzen reported.

Jenča drew attention to Antonio Guterres’ assurance that he would continue efforts to find a resolution to the Cyprus problem.

Following his meeting with Greek Cypriot leader Nicos Anastasiades, Jenča underlined that the UN Secretary-General is determined to find common ground and understanding between the two communities, so that ongoing attempts to resolve the Cyprus issue will assure the wellbeing and benefit to both sides.

No Common Ground: Tatar

Meanwhile, President Ersin Tatar, who also met with UN Deputy Secretary-General Miroslav Jenča reiterated his view that there is no common ground for negotiations.

Tatar stated that there was no longer any intention to reach an agreement on the basis of federation, adding that he “understands Jenča’s words very well“.

Tatar stated that he had presented the Turkish Cypriot government’s new policies to the United Nations in Geneva last April, and that was carrying out work with this understanding, with Turkey’s full support for this policy.

Tatar said, “The United Nations needs to take a step. I told them that”. 

President Tatar stated that Jenča had said that they should not break with the dialogue and that in case of any situation change in the future, it is necessary to be prepared for the start of negotiations.

Stating that the government will continue the dialogue for a solution in Cyprus, and that they will continue the talks to continue their ties, but there is no common ground at the moment, Tatar said, “The key in Cyprus is our sovereign equality“.


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