Derinya Mayor presses for old border road to reopen soonest

The suggestion of building a new road for the border crossing at Derinya near Famagusta has been rejected by Derinya Mayor Andros Karayiannis. He pointed out that there is a minefield on one side of the road and as it stands, opening the one kilometre old road would be delayed by a month.

Building a new road was suggested because there could be damage to Greek Cypriot property if the old road is widened. However the Derinya mayor noted that:

“The demonstration we held in May together with Turkish Cypriots was for the opening of this one kilometre long road.

The materialisation of an alternative road does not seem possible. To start with, it will cause a delay of months for the opening of the crossing point,” he said.

Kibris Gazetesi

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