Derynia crossing point to open end September

The Derynia crossing point in Famagusta district is said to be opening at the end of September.

The opening of Derynia crossing has been delayed because of a disagreement between the two communities as to its exact location. The Greek Cypriot side wanted to use the original road, however, the Turkish Cypriots wanted to move its location as it passed by a Turkish military camp.

However, an agreement on the route has now been reached between the two sides and preparations to offer the construction work up for tender to create a new crossing point, is under way.

In May 2015 the two community leaders agreed to open more crossings, beginning with Lefke/Aplic in the northwest and Derynia in the east, as confidence building measures (CBM). Since then,“There was a delay because the Turkish Cypriots wanted us to follow a different route but we wanted to use the existing road and now we have an agreement,” said an official government source.

“Preparations will get under way in the coming months and Derynia should be ready by the end of September.”

Since 2003, a number of crossing points have been opened to build confidence between the two communities. Another CBM was to link telecommunications across the island. This move has failed, so far, because of legal reasons.

The same official source said that Cyprus negotiations were still on course giving room for hope on the realisation of CBMs.

As long as we have talks and make progress then we have momentum”, the source said.

In addition the source said that it was not possible to estimate the cost of funding the solution because there was no agreement, so far, on the issues of property and territory. “Neither the US, World Bank or IMF are in a position to give a specific number”, the source commented.

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