Details of draft Cyprus peace plan leaked

The first part of a 78 page document, purported to show the agreements made in the Cyprus talks was published by Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Havadis’, yesterday.

‘Havadis’ claims that the document had been prepared by UN officials and former Presidents Talat and Christofias and also includes those details agreed between Christofias and President Eroglu between 2008 – 2012.

It is alleged that the “draft plan” shows major convergences and agreements were formulated in the area of Governance and Power sharing.

The paper says that the presidency in a federal Cyprus would be rotated, there would be a president and a vice-president. The legislative power would contain a Senate and a House of Representatives. If the Cabinet could not make a unanimous decision, the majority by only own or two votes from the opposite community would be the decider.

‘Havadis’ goes on to report that a deadlock exists on the issue of guarantees; the Turkish side wants the continuation of the 1960 Treaty of Guarantee and Alliance, while the Greek Cypriot side insists that there is no need for such agreements and demands the demilitarization of the island within a short period of time.

Convergence has reportedly been achieved on the basic principles on the property issue, but there have been debates about the number of Greek Cypriots who may return under Turkish administration. The UN Secretary-General’s special adviser, Alexander Downer has reportedly suggested that the number of Greek Cypriots who may return under Turkish administration should influence the percentage of the territory which will be given back.

Further, the paper writes that an impasse also exists on the territories which would be returned. The Greek Cypriot side wants the establishment of a canton in the Karpas Peninsula to include the villages of Agios Androkinos (Yesilkoy), Yialousa (Yeni Erenkoy) and Rizokarpaso (Dipkarpas) and the return of more land in the Mesaoria plain.

The map above, which shows the proposed territorial returns in yellow, was published today by ‘Havadis’.

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