Details of property issues not discussed yet

President Mustafa Akinci, addressing a meeting with a delegation of KAMU-SEN trade union yesterday, said inter alia, that they are at the beginning of the road on the property issue.

Referring to recent misleading statements in the press regarding the property issue, Akinci said that the recent reports do not reflect the truth. He added: “Maps, percentages and names of villages have not yet been discussed at the negotiating table. When the time comes, we will discuss these issues. It is still too early”, Akinci stated.

Assuring that they will not move forward and take any steps that will put the Turkish Cypriots at any risk, Akinci added that what he wants, is to see the people live in prosperity and peace.

Reminding all of the fact that it is three month since the resumption of the 47 year-long Cyprus talks, Akinci said that he feels happy because the people believe that the talks will yield a result.

“The Cyprus negotiation process and the developments over this process are related to our future”, Akinci stated and announced that next week he plans to brief the government and the Turkish Cypriot political parties at the Assembly about the recent developments on the Cyprus problem. He also added that he had already held a meeting with the Speaker of the Assembly Sibel Siber.

Stating that he gives great importance to the solution of the Cyprus problem which will be to the benefit of both sides, Akinci added that they are abiding by the 11th February Joint Declaration agreement which refers to the principles of norms of the EU. ” Adopting EU norms, does not mean giving up bi-zonality“, Akinci explained. He continued and reiterated that the Cyprus negotiation process is a UN process. “In 2012 there was a representative from the EU. The same person has been appointed again. The technical and expertise information will continue to be delivered”, he added.

Describing as misleading statements that “Akinci and Anastasiades will come to an agreement and finish this job”, Akinci explained that the people will approve the agreement to be reached and added that enough time will be given prior to the referendum, in order to explain to the people the context of the agreement.

Emphasising that no agreement can become viable without being approved by the people first, Akinci stated that he will keep his promises and support the three most important issues for the Turkish Cypriots which are their freedom, equality and security.

Although the negotiations have reached an intense stage, Akinci said that they are still at the beginning. He pointed out that he will defend the Turkish Cypriot’s rights until the end and called on everyone not to be anxious. “The solution to be, will protect our rights and at the same time will respect the opposite side’s rights. The final agreement will be accepted and approved by the people. I will do all that is necessary in order to bring you to this point”, Akinci concluded.

Speaking in his turn, the chairman of KAMU-SEN trade union Mehmet Ozkardas stated that his union supports the efforts towards reaching a comprehensive solution of the Cyprus problem.

Expressing their full support for President Akinci, Ozkardas underlined the need not to deviate from the February 11th 2014 Joint Declaration.

Ozkardas said also that they conveyed to Akinci their worries regarding reports published in the Greek Cypriot press which were confusing and added that the president will need to make the necessary clarifications.

Kibris Gazetesi

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