Details of Turkey’s youth sports coordination programme published

The youth sports cooperation programme developed within the framework of the agreement will be coordinated by Turkey’s Youth and Sports Ministry and the TRNC’s Ministry for Youth and Sports.

According to Turkish Cypriot daily Havadis, the details of the agreement are as follows:

  • The project materialised by Turkey’s Youth and Sports Ministry will be implemented if they are considered to be appropriate by TRNC officials.
  • The development of housing and scholarship opportunities for students and securing help for the TRNC government are also provided for.
  • Turkey will provide help for the TRNC to establish youth camps and sports installations and encourage participation of young people in cultural and sports activities.
  • The youth camps and the sports installations to be established will be operated by the coordination office.
  • Turkey will select and employ all personnel, which will be employed at the sports centres, the youth camps and the cultural installations, including local staff.
  • The personnel, who will come from Turkey for the construction of the centres, will be granted all the facilities provided for citizens of privileged countries. In addition, facilities will also be granted to such personnel at passport control points.
  • The officials of the coordination office will be granted all immunities secured by the institutions responsible of youth and sports and the higher education institutions in the TRNC.


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