Development in TRNC will not be stopped by the South

The Turkish Deputy Prime Minister in Charge of Coordinating Cyprus Affairs Recep Akdağ who was in the Turkish Republic of Northern of Cyprus for a one day official departed from the island late yesterday evening.

As part of his contacts Akdağ paid visits to various places in the TRNC and was received by the Speaker of Parliament Sibel Siber and Prime Minister Hüseyin Özgürgün.

During his contacts, Akdağ stated that the development of the TRNC will speed up through enhanced cooperation with Turkey.

On the Cyprus Issue, Akdağ said that the Greek Cypriot side’s belief was that Turkish Cypriots, under the pressure of embargoes and the absence of a settlement, will give into their demands.

It is time they see and accept the fact that the TRNC will continue to grow and develop on these lands, prospering and moving forward. They should abandon this meaningless stubbornness“.

The Speaker of Parliament Sibel Siber who received the visiting Turkish Deputy Prime Minister yesterday said that it was their joint goal to raise the quality of living and prosperity of the Turkish Cypriot people.

Also receiving Akdağ, Prime Minister Hüseyin Özgürgün expressed his hope that the financial and economic cooperation that existed between motherland Turkey and the TRNC since 1974 will further pick up pace.

Expressing his view that the Cyprus Problem can no longer be solved under the existing UN parameters, Özgürgün said that the absence of a settlement further bolstered the need and importance of economic development.

Meanwhile, the Turkish Deputy Prime Minister in Charge of Coordinating Cyprus Affairs Recep Akdağ who attended the opening of the Society for National Struggle and Solidarity said that the TRNC was a strong country which stood on its own feet.

He added that the potential for further growth was in the hands of the people.

Stating that the development of the TRNC will be unstoppable no matter what stance the Greek Cypriot side adopts, Akdağ said that the best course of action for the Greek Cypriot Administration would be to abandon its stubborn and intransigence attitude as there was a growing country in the north of the island backed by an 80 million strong Turkey.


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