Developments in TRNC make solving Cyprob more difficult: YKP

Instead of establishing the working groups which the UN wants, the leadership deprives the people of real information by making “incoherent statements” and taking steps which make finding a solution to the Cyprus problem more difficult, Alpay Durduran, member of New Cyprus Party’s (YKP) has argued.

In a written statement issued yesterday which criticised Turkey and the TRNC government, Durduran noted that on the one hand they say that “the bi-zonal federation has become impossible, let us discuss something new” and on the other they take steps which will make a possible agreement more difficult, such as allotting plots of land to young persons, launching infrastructure projects, distributing TRNC citizenship to more people, connecting the electricity [network] to Turkey and making religious education compulsory.

Taking steps, which will make the solution more difficult, must be prohibited”, he said.


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