Why Didn’t Police Intervene Sooner Akinci Asks

President Mustafa Akinci considers the report by the police on the attackson the offices of Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Afrika’ and the Assembly to be deficient and has asked for an additional information. The report on the events which took place on Monday, 22 January, 2018 was submitted to Akinci on 25 January.

North Cyprus News - Afrika DemoIn a letter sent to the police, Akinci asked at what stage the legal procedure as regards the persons involved in the attack against ‘Afrika ‘newspaper is, and why the police delayed intervening in the incidents, which were turned into violence, in spite of his warnings. Moreover, the President points out that the persons who climbed onto the Assembly’s’ roof were the same as those who attacked the offices of ‘Afrika’ newspaper and asks why these persons had not been arrested after their first attack.

Since which time, six men have been remanded in custody pending trial. Police are searching for another nine people suspected to be involved in the attacks.


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