Dinner incident a tempest in a teapot: Akinci

President Mustafa Akinci has said that the Cyprus negotiations have their ups and downs and added that even though the talks seem to be in descent now, he expressed the hope that this situation was temporary.

Addressing a cocktail party organised by the TRNC Banking Union, Akinci referred to the reactions to his recent visit to Istanbul to attend a dinner hosted by Turkish President Erdogan for the heads of states and governments, within the framework of the UN Humanitarian Summit and to meet with the UNSG.

He said that up to a certain point he understands the Greek Cypriots “raising a tempest in a teapot”, but he cannot understand criticism levelled at him by some sections of the Turkish Cypriot community. He said: “Our place as Turkish Cypriots was at that summit. We should be able to be at that summit”.

Akinci reiterated that the Turkish Cypriots have been excluded from the Republic of Cyprus for 53 years, that they are one of the equal partners of the Republic and that they cannot take the place they deserve. He said that it is not right for the leader of only one community to represent the whole of Cyprus. He pointed out that non-UN members participated in the summit in Istanbul and that the TRNC could have taken part, even though it is not recognised.

Akinci recalled that President Erdogan had invited him to dinner as “president of the TRNC” and that he had accepted that invitation. Noting that events had been interpreted as an attempt to enhance the status of the TRNC and it was said that this cannot be allowed, Akinci said that he is pursuing what is “reasonable and achievable”. They know that this is a bi-zonal, bi-communal solution based on the political equality of two “founding states”, he added.

No one except for us can decide to which invitation for dinner the president of the TRNC will accept, which dinner he will attend and whether he will meet with the UNSG”, he noted, expressing his sadness at the fact that the Greek Cypriots are “raising a tempest in a teapot”.

Kibris Gazetesi

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