Dipkarpaz Festival Environmental Disaster

As reported last October, a major musical festival (Silk Route) is coming to the golden sands of Dipkarpaz at the end of September this year. Initial estimates plan for some 80,000 people to attend the festival but various non-governmental organisations (NGO’s) are very worried about the environmental damage that will be caused.

Festival organisers are making preparations and advertisements are already appearing. Prices for the festival and accommodation are being displayed and tickets are being sold on the internet.

However no details have emerged of the agreement between the festival organisers and local authorities. NGO’s are questioning how this area of natural unspoilt beauty, which is classified as a ‘Special Environmental Protection Area’, has received approval to stage such a large festival.  They would prefer that a different location is chosen.

Ayse Domezer, a former Minister of Tourism and Culture says that unplanned construction has already started in the area in anticipation of reaping profits from festival visitors.

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