Dipkarpaz locals offended by statements on humanitarian aid

The mayor of Dipkarpaz Suphi Coskun, has said that the locals are very annoyed by recent statements made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that the inhabitants bought cheap food from the Greek Cypriots from humanitarian aid sent to them from the south.

In statements to ‘Havadis’ newspaper, Coskun criticized the fact that the local inhabitants are presented as “hungry people who wait to buy [this humanitarian aid] on the cheap”.

The mayor said, inter alia, the following:

“Let no one present us as people who need the aid received by the Greek Cypriots to live. Let them go elsewhere to do their politics. They should not insult us. […] The politicians of both sides should leave us alone. They should not follow their policy over us. Unfortunately politicians coming from the Greek Cypriot side also try to sow the seeds of separatism. There are Greek Cypriot politicians who also behave like Mr Tahsin [foreign minister Tahsin Ertugruloglu]. I am not discriminating. I am making this call on both sides. […]”.


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