Greenpeace: Dipkarpaz road project destroying the environment

The Dipkarpaz port road widening project is illegal claims Greenpeace. It says that hills have been flattened, olive trees uprooted and orchids and many species of plants destroyed. Bulldozers are now working on the famous Golden Sands area.

Greenpeace states:

a)      All destruction in the Karpaz National Park to be stopped immediately

b)      The current project is illegal and against nature conservation.

c)       It appears that the money to destroy is available easily. Millions of lira will be spent on destroying nature.

d)      Within a year Golden Sands and Karpaz National Park will not be recognisable.

Serife Gunduz from the Biologists Association said that a number of governments have designated this region as a nature conservation area. She said that it was illegal for heavy machines to be on Golden Sands beach and added that the government asks for expert opinion but then disregards it when it feels like it.

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