Diplomacy on hydrocarbons issue is best: Ozersay

The Turkish Cypriots should pursue active diplomacy on the issue of natural gas resources and the naval authority it exercises, presidential candidate Kudret Ozersay has said in a written statement, ‘Kibris Postasi’ reports.

Ozersay stressed the need for the Turkish Cypriot side to come off the defensive and demonstrate a positive approach and make it obvious that it is actually one of the actors who has rights and interests in this conflict.

Accusing the Greek Cypriot side of not being ready to share the island’s hydrocarbon resources with the Turkish Cypriots, he said that the Greek Cypriot side had used the NAVTEX note issued by Turkey as an excuse to suspend the negotiations. Ozersay added that this proves on the one hand that it is not ready to share with the Turkish Cypriot side the “power and wealth” and on the other hand it proves its unwillingness to find a solution.

“If they will follow a focused policy we can turn the current crisis into an opportunity”, Ozersay said.

Emphasising that he does not consider that there is any possibility of an armed conflict on this issue, Ozersay said that other developments in the region and especially the situation in Syria, indicate that the international actors will not permit a conflict related to the Cyprus problem to take place, especially at this time.

Stressing the need for the Turkish Cypriot side not to be limited only to the letter it has sent to the UN Secretary-General, but also to exert diplomatic efforts at all levels in international organisations.

Referring to the Continental Shelf Delimitation Agreement between Turkey and the TRNC, Ozersay said that the statements saying that authority was given to Turkey to carry out exploration activities are not appropriate, since as he explained, they did not give authority to Turkey but to TPAO to carry out explorations.

Ozersay stated further that in spite of the fact that trying to solve the current crisis is not included in the responsibilities of the UN’s Secretary-General Special Advisor Espen Bath Eide, they would ask for Mr Eide to be assigned to carry out shuttle diplomacy between the Greek and the Turkish Cypriot side.



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