Diplomatic sources question Anastasiades’ statement on property rights

The chapter on property was discussed on Friday, for the first time, at the community leaders’ meeting.

As the intensified Cyprus negotiations continue, Kibris Postasi, citing “diplomatic sources” reports that according to the “general consensus”, the current “users also have rights”.

The paper writes that the above agreement had been announced by the leaders on 27th July, 2015 and that the diplomatic sources were surprised by the statement made by President Anastasiades after Friday’s meeting, despite the fact that during the meeting, discussions were held “within the framework of the reality that together with the property’s first owner, the current users rights will also be taken into consideration”.

Commenting on the statement made by President Anastasiades after the meeting that “it has currently been clarified that the property owner has the first say”, the diplomatic sources said: “No decision in this direction was taken. Such an issue was not even discussed in that meeting. We find it strange that Anastasiades is trying to create such an impression”.

The paper argues that the fact that President Anastasiades reiterated his “old unilateral position which is outside the framework of the joint understanding reached on 27 July 2015” is considered to be “surprising, untimely and wrong”.

Kibris Postasi

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