Disenchanted Electorate Could See Ozersay in Power

“The mainstream parties have no plans for the future other than maintaining the current system. The broader popular masses have come to understand for the first time that this system promises no future.”

The electorate feel frustrated and are looking for something new, writes journalist Metin Munir for online newspaper T24.

Munir says that the forthcoming elections in the TRNC are the most critical and will determine whether or not the UBP/DP coalition government, which he describes as the most rotten ever seen on the island, will remain or not.

The people are face with two choices, he writes, vote for the same established parties which have resulted in a fall in standards in virtually every sector. This means allow the practices of bribery and corruption to continue, or choose someone else who is new to politics. The old guard have demonstrated a lack of integrity and vision. Now it is time to herald in the new, writes Munir.

This would be in the form of Kudret Ozersay, head of the People’s Party (HP). Given the disillusionment of the electorate, it would not be a surprise that a new and untried liberal party is given a chance.

“Ozersay (44) is as a leader the likes of whom have not been seen on the island’s political stage until now. He is honest, sincere, intellectual, impressive and dislikes demagogy, crudeness and lies. He is respected in Turkey and in foreign countries.

“He has original ideas concerning how to fix the Cyprus problem other than the current platforms”, Munir writes.

Ozersay who has been chief negotiator in the Cyprus talks, has 12 years of negotiations experience in international talks. He has sat at the table with three Turkish Cypriot and four Greek Cypriot leaders as well as two separate UNSGs.

He entered into politics by starting the ‘We are pulling ourselves together’ popular movement underpinned by ‘a future based on a clean society, clean politics and our own will’.

Ozersay took part in the presidential elections in 2015, gaining 20% of the vote despite having no political party affiliations or outside financial support. He founded the People’s Party in 2016.

He has realistic options to offer that will alter the model that has brought the Turkish Cypriots from 1974 to where they are today.

Metin Munir – T24

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