Dispute over water management resolved it is claimed

The dispute between North Cyprus and Turkey over water management ended yesterday. Both sides have reached an agreement, according to Turkish Cypriot daily Havadis.

Prime Minister Omer Kalyoncu will be travelling Turkey, bringing with him a document guaranteeing the agreement. After which, the water conveyed to the North from Turkey via undersea pipeline should be distributed to North Nicosia. Kalyoncu will present the document that will safeguard that the water will be administered by a partnership between the TRNC state and by the private sector. Havadis writes that the Turkish authorities dealing with the issue have taken a positive view of the proposal.

According to the document, the regulation and price of the water will be controlled by the state, while investments and collection of revenues will be managed by the private sector. The municipalities will also have authority over the water administration.


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