Do Not Cross Border to South Unless Essential

North Cyprus News - Dr Ozlem Gurkut
Turkish Cypriot Medical Association President – Dr Özlem Gürkut

The Turkish Cypriot Medical Association has requested additional measures to be taken to reduce border crossings to the south other than mandatory transitions such as education and work for three weeks, because of the recent increase in Covid-19 cases in the south. Yesterday, it was reported on Tuesday that 83 new cases of Covid-19 had been detected in the south.

A statement by Dr Özlem Gürkut on behalf of the Board of the Cyprus Turkish Medical Association reads as follows:

COVID-19 continues to exist in the world and in our country. It is expected that the number of cases will increase with the arrival of the winter months. After the opening of borders  on July 1, the increase in imports and local cases in our country has been put under control after the introduction of quarantine in the country, additional measures taken and with society’s compliance with these measures. There is a consensus that keeping the country closed against the epidemic, which is expected to continue for a long time, is not sustainable. However, we also know that it may be necessary to increase measures from time to time in order not to lose control of social contagion.

“The increase in the number of COVID-19 positive cases detected in the south of Cyprus in recent days is worrying. It is known that hundreds of our people pass south through the land border gates for social reasons as well as for reasons such as working, receiving education and health treatment every day. Of course, the administration in the south will take additional measures against this increase in cases in the south. However, as a result of the measures to be taken today, a decrease in the cases should be expected in at least 7-14 days. For this reason, we also need to take additional measures at land border crossing points. It is necessary to increase the frequency of PCR tests, which are made for those who travel south to work or go to school regularly, starting from today, provided that they closely follow the situation in the south and make adjustments according to the course of the virus for three weeks,

“Reliable information flow should be provided from the authorities in the south of Cyprus on the outbreak status, number of cases and characteristics through the Bi-Communal Health Technical Committee and a dynamic management appropriate to the situation should be maintained.

“We would like to remind our people not to make a transition to the south except in compulsory and very essential situations, as the next 14-21 day process is critical despite possible measures to be taken.


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