Do Not Jail Conscientious Objectors – MP Says

Mine Atlı -TDP
[Mine Atlı -TDP leader]
Young people who want to opt out of compulsory military service* on the grounds of ‘conscientious objection’ should not be punished with a prison sentence, an MP has said, Yeniduzen reports.

Chairman of the Communal Democracy Party (TDP) Mine Atlı, stated that human rights are human rights and that young people who want to exercise these rights should not be sent to prison. She called on Parliament to take action and change the law in this regard.

In a written statement, Mine Atlı said that her party (TDP) has the same stance in all areas of human rights.

She pointed out that they had spoken out, worked and fought for the rights of all disadvantaged groups, especially women, children and LGBT individuals.

Referring to Mustafa Hürben, who was being prosecuted for refusing to do his military service and whose case was discussed in the Military Court yesterday, is facing a prison sentence, Mine Atlı said, “There are people who respect democratic rights and human rights and the youth of this country should not be imprisoned for exercising these rights“. 

All MPs who do not want him to be punished should come together and start working on a law on the issue as soon as possible. “Parliament and all its MPs have a historical responsibility. Steps must be taken before it is too late“, Atlı said. 

*Military service is compulsory for all males aged 18 and over for a period of 15 months. (Ed)


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