Do Not Sideline the Turkish Cypriots: Akinci

North Cyprus News - President Mustafa AkinciPresident Mustafa Akinci, commenting on Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu’s statement who said “we talk to everyone, including the Greek Cypriots”, stated that Cavusoglu had made that statement because he is interlocutor on several issues.

Akinci pointed out that it is necessary and right for the guarantor countries for Cyprus to hold a meeting between themselves and together with the other related parties, noting that instead of a quarrel, it is more helpful to establish a dialogue.

In this context, Mr. Cavusoglu informed us about his intention to establish contacts with the Greek Cypriot side. I do not think that an unofficial meeting in the framework of investigating the intentions of the sides would be inconvenient. However, there are two points here worthy of notice. The first one is the possibility of the talks becoming frequent, something that would pave the way for creating the perception that the Turkish Cypriot side has been sidelined from the process”, Akinci said.

He added that the perception that the Greek Cypriots have succeeded in achieving their goal of negotiating directly with Turkey, which has been their wish for years, would only do serious damage to the process and settlement efforts. “It should never be forgotten that there are two equal sides in Cyprus, one of which is the Turkish Cypriot people and its democratic leadership. The Turkish Cypriot side should not be seen as an insignificant detail and no opportunity should be given for the Turkish Cypriots to be seen in this way”, said Akinci.

North Cyprus News - AnastasiadesIf Turkey meets with the Greek Cypriot side and if there is frequency in such meetings then Greece must follow suit, Akinci stated: “The Greek administrators should also be able to negotiate with the Turkish Cypriot side. While continuing the negotiations with Turkish President Erdogan. We arrive at a consensus that we could come together as a quartet. However, the Greek Cypriot side did not agree to an Akinci-Anastasiades-Erdogan- Tsipras meeting”, he noted.

Anastasiades’ visit to Ankara in return to my visit to Athens was also discussed and again the Greek Cypriot side put obstacles in the way. In holding these contacts, reciprocity should not be overlooked”, the President said.


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