Do too many people hold firearms in the TRNC?

There are fears regarding the number of people who have registered as holders of firearms in the TRNC, writes Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Yeni Duzen’.

According to the paper, 49, 098 people are registered to have the right of possession of firearms. Add on the number of those in illegal possession of firearms and those who have the right to carrying firearms in the line of duty in the police and army, the dimensions of this number become increasingly threatening, the paper notes.

The newspaper points out that 15 out of the 35 murders against women which were committed during the last 16 years in the TRNC, 10 women were murdered with a pistol and 5 with a shot gun.

According to the figures in 2014, the number of the registered firearms in the TRNC was as follow: 34, 174 shot guns, 11,383 air guns, 1,713 blow guns, 129 paintball guns and 1,690 revolvers.

Yeni Duzen

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