Doctors go on strike

Members of the Turkish Cypriot doctors union (Tip-Is) went on a warning strike yesterday in all public hospitals and health centres in North Cyprus in order to draw attention to the problems in the health care system which include a shortage of doctors. Tip-Is held also a protest in front of the Assembly building. Other trade unions also gave their support for the protest, during which the participants held placards saying: “Doctors are jobless, patients are doctorless”, and “Austerity in the emergency [department] kills people” and “Equal health system for all”.

Speaking at the protest, the chairman of Tip-Is, Sila Usar Incirli said that the problems of the health care system are “as old as the Cyprus problem” and accused officials of not attaching importance to the laws regarding the health care system.

She noted that the general health insurance alone will not solve the problems in the country, as government officials claim, and added: “You cannot find solutions appropriate for this country with instructions coming from overseas. You must find solutions which reflect the realities of this country”.


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