Document on territory and property leaked

A crucial document which combines the proposals of the Greek Cypriot Property Committee with the Turkish proposals on the issue, has been published by Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Havadis’. There is no consensus on the document, writes the paper, adding that the document came to the attention of the presidency and the members of the Assembly.

According to the document, it is envisaged that around 60,000 Greek Cypriots will return to territory that it will belong to the North, while 100,000 Greek Cypriots will settle in territory that will be returned. This figure was included in the Annan Plan as well.

In addition, in case a property which is located in the North is not claimed by anyone, after a certain period, it will be registered in the name of the user of the property. For controversial properties, Compensation Property Commission funds will be released. A property which is not claimed by anyone and it is not occupied by anyone, will come under the jurisdiction of the Committee.

The paper also writes that there are five critical articles on the document regarding the use of territory in the northern state by Greek Cypriots:

  • The Greek Cypriot owner of the property choose between compensation or selling the property to the user.
  • The owner of the property can choose to exchange his property.
  • If the owner does not want to reclaim his property immediately, the user could have a long term rental deal.
  • If the owner of the property applies for his property immediately, the user will be given an alternative.
  • The user will be given compensation for the money he spent for improving the property of the owner.


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