Dog poisoning in Catalkoy

Catalkoy council say that they have had no involvement with the recent spate of animal poisonings around Catalkoy.

Council head Mehmet Hulusioglu, said that the poisonings that have occurred over the past month were shameful and that they were sensitive to this issue.

Veterinarian Sibel Kin confirmed that there had been many deaths from poisonings over the past month and that 70% resulted in the death of the animal. Kin said that while the poisoner assumed that stray dogs would die from the poison, they did not see that all animals were in danger. In addition the poison would eventually seep into the groundwater and affect people too. People would not wake up to the issue until a child was poisoned.

Kin said that all poisons should be controlled and only sold via a certificate. Another law change that was required was the compulsory chipping of dogs.

Kin concluded by saying that the public should be on the look-out for poison and using gloves, put the poison in plastic bags and take these to the veterinary office for analysis.

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