Dogs poisoned near Kyrenia Animal Rescue

In a series of poisonings last week four dogs have been poisoned and one dog injured.

The attacks took place near the KAR Centre, Arapkoy and the Buffavento road.

One of the dogs was a Cyprus poodle aged 5 years belonging to Carole King a fundraiser for a cancer charity. She said that dogs were like family and it was heartbreaking to see them die in such a cruel way. Two of the dogs belonged to KAR and had been let out on the grounds. It is thought that poison may have been deliberately left near the shelter.

Margaret Ray KAR’s Chairperson said “This was carried out by a nutcase who hates dogs“. She went on to say that the KAR dogs bother no one and that they don’t go into gardens and that this was a deliberate attack by a dog hater. Margaret also reassured reporters that this would not affect the KAR walk and treasure hunt planned for Sunday 21st October.

The poison is thought to be a mixture of agricultural chemicals that attacks the dog’s respiratory system. Firdez Duchateau of Pet Cross Vetinary Surgery said that this series of attacks was unusual and shaming.  She said that three dogs had died before they reached the surgery and that one of the two KAR dogs had died.

Firdez said people needed to be educated and that children needed to learn to love animals. Further, the attackers did not understand that poisons could get into the food chain. She said that poisons also affect wildlife, water supplies and plants; and that eventually the poison could even affect human beings.

She called on the authorities to take action against the attacks.

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