Doğuş Derya MP Lambasts Head of Religious Affairs

Dogus Derya - CTP
[Doğuş Derya – CTP]
Wednesday, 11 January 2023

Chairperson of the CTP Women’s Organisation Doğuş Derya has lashed out at the head of Religious Affairs Ahmet Ünsal, for the contents of a seminar he organised for women, Kibris Postasi reports.

Derya posted the following on social media:

“I looked at the articles written by Ahmet Ünsal, who was appointed as the head of Religious Affairs from Turkey. He obviously has a problem with the most basic human rights, especially civil marriage. He overstepped his duties and powers and became the spokesperson of the institution of “trafficking” in the Cypriot saying. 

“He is fervent enough to tell women how to live, how to dress, whether to get divorced, whether to have children. To women who think that women are incubators and men are money machines, and that see women as “goods” subject to men rather than as human beings, “marriages are now expensive, women are very expensive. They used to buy four, if not one, there were three more“. 

This person, who has become so offensive as to say “You have to accept your husband’s invitation to bed“, should be dismissed immediately. She may not be aware that the country she comes from is Cyprus, but we want her to know that Cypriot women do not ask men how many children they will have, what job they will have, whether they will get divorced or with whom they will be. 

“Because of your reactionary mentality, Turkey has become a country where three women are killed a day. We will not allow you to impose your bigoted lifestyle on us women or on our country”.

Kibris Postasi

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