Don’t blame Akinci – fight for recognition: Eroglu

President Mustafa Akinci offered many concessions in order for an agreement to be reached in the Cyprus negotiations, former President Derviş Eroğlu has said. He added: “In spite of this, an agreement was not reached. Everybody accuses Akinci. We should spare ourselves the illness of accusing ourselves. Both our right-wing supporters and our left-wing supporters have carried out negotiations. No result was reached at the negotiating table. So, the Greek Cypriot side is the one to blame here. We should unanimously announce this to the whole world”.

Eroglu recalled that the current coalition government had said that if no result was achieved at the negotiations, the Turkish Cypriots should continue by defending the TRNC. They should now proceed in this direction and strengthen their relations in consultation with Turkey, the former president said.

Expressing the view that they should continue working for the recognition of the TRNC, Eroglu said:

If we say recognise the TRNC today, this will be of no use of course. However, if you do this by making the TRNC’s presence felt the whole world and work for this, you can succeed. These steps could be taken especially through the development of trade relations, such as in the past, with Britain, which is in the process of leaving the EU.

Representation offices are opened in many countries. We should defend our state by promoting our country with such steps and by developing diplomatic relations”, he concluded.

Demokrat Bakis

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