‘Don’t distort my words’: Akinci

President Mustafa Akinci has responded to the latest statements made by the National Unity Party (UBP) and the Deputy PM and leader of the Democrat Party (DP) Serdar Denktaş.

The President said:

“There is no need to play dumb and distort my words. What I have said is extremely clear. I have been reminded that the late President of the Republic of Turkey, Denktaş had accepted that the land which will remain in the hands of the Turkish Cypriot side will be 29% plus, as and when a settlement is reached.

His proposal had been approved and endorsed by the parliament at the time. This is a historical fact and there is no need to be uncomfortable with it.

I said that the map put forward by us is in line with the percentage ratio accepted and endorsed by the late President Denktaş and the parliament.”

In response Deputy PM Denktaş said “The 29% plus approach was accepted by founding President Denktaş at the negotiations, was an approach which showed that the Turkish side would not go below 29% but would only discuss a percentage above this ratio.”

“When the 29% plus approach was revealed, there was nothing in the package that accepted any Greek Cypriot settlement in the North. The global exchange method was considered for the property issue,” Denktaş said.

“So, he (Akinci) has tried to portray a mistake as something done by highlighting a number, which he referred to, that was set by Denktaş, only serving to commit a great injustice towards the half century struggle waged by Denktaş and his skills as a negotiator.


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