Downer dinner date is on again

UN special envoy Alexander Downer has arranged for a dinner with Presidents Eroglu and Anastasiades. This was scheduled for May 29th and agreed to by both parties.

However, last week, Anastasiades threw a wobbly and backed away from the dinner saying that he assumed it would be a purely social affair and there would be no political discussions.

He voiced his concerns in a letter to the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and said that he was awaiting a reply from him directly and not from Downer. He also wanted the date changed to May 30th.

A reply has come, according to spokesman Christos Stylianidis on a radio programme last night. He says that Ban Ki-moon has been agreeable to the new set of conditions demanded by Anastasiades.

To avoid anyone feeling uncomfortable, maybe they will strictly focus on the Eurovision song contests.

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