Downer to say farewell to Cyprus

Alexander Downer, the UN Secretary General’s Special Advisor to Cyprus, is expected to visit Cyprus at the end of March, to make his farewells to the leaders of both Cypriot communities and his associates, sources say.

It has been speculated that Downer’s proposed trip is likely to coincide with a meeting, the second in a row, between the two leaders, Cyprus President Anastasiades and Turkish Cypriot President Eroglu, scheduled for Monday 31st March. The UN envoy may, if he is still on the island, attend the meeting.

However, the same sources have said that no agenda has yet been drafted for the March meeting.

It has been mooted that Downer, a former Australian government minister could be named as Australia’s High Commissioner to London in a move that will trigger a major reshuffle in diplomatic postings across Europe.

Downer has held the post of UN Special Advisor to Cyprus since July 2008.


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