Dr. Burhan Nalbantoglu Remembered Today

Dr. Burhan Nalbantoğlu, who was known for his service during and after the resistance years of the Turkish Cypriot people, as well as being the founder of the TMT and former health minister, is remembered today, on the 38th anniversary of his death.

A multi-faceted personality, he left important markers in the history of Cyprus.

North Cyprus News - Nicosia State HospitalDr. Nalbantoğlu played a leading role in many phases of the resistance years of the Turkish Cypriot people. He worked on many fronts including Erenköy, contributed to the health infrastructure of the country and was at the forefront of the democratisation process.

Aged only 55, he suffered a brain haemorrhage after a violent debate at a parliamentary committee meeting 38 years ago. He died at Ankara Hacettepe University Hospital where he had been taken for treatment.

Nalbantoğlu led a great struggle for the construction of the largest central hospital in the country, which was named after him following his death.

A graveside memorial service was held this morning at Nicosia Cemetery.

Kibris News Agency

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