Draft Amendment Draining Public Purse

[Salahi Şahiner – CTP]
Friday, 3 March 2023 

CTP representative for Lefke Salahi Şahiner, has lashed out at the government accusing it of laying the groundwork for organised profiteering, Yeniduzen reports.

In a written statement, referring to the draft amendment to the Public Procurement Bill, which allows for direct purchasing without going to tender, Şahiner said that the coalition government was trying to legalise dubious methods of purchasing.

Defining the draft amendment proposal as “a fine adjustment made by the government to steal more from the people’s pockets, create an environment where more bribes can be taken, provide more rent to someone and sign up bigger profiteers“, Şahiner said, “In the last three years, we have been bitterly disappointed by what we have seen. we have experienced that the first thing that comes to our mind when talking about direct purchase is allegations of profiteering, darkness, irregularity and bribery of hundreds of millions of dollars that went into the pockets of a few companies that made exorbitant profits by sucking the blood of the Turkish Cypriot people economically. If the service to the public does not pass through a fair, transparent and competitive filter, that is, if it is not done through tenders, it will always be the public that suffers”.

He claimed that the draft amendment had been specifically drawn up to benefit private energy company AKSA. 

While Kıb-Tek could have purchased all of the installed power plants in the country with the extra money paid to AKSA in two years, hundreds of millions of extra millions of dollars were made with a 15-year contract. After this time, trying to sit down with the company called AKSA again, making a contract with a long-term guarantee, is nothing but stealing from the pockets of these people and putting them in the safe of the relevant company. Those who think of their own interests first, under the pretext of community interests, and those who intend to make others rich while making our people poor, are committing the greatest treason against the Turkish Cypriot people. In politics, such people have not been expressed with a term other than ‘internal evil’“, said Şahiner.


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