Drivers Using Mobile Phone Main Problem

Three people have lost their lives in one week when there were 90 road traffic accidents, Minister of Public Works and Transport Tolga Atakan has said. The reasons for the accidents, according to the police, were driving while talking on a mobile phone, speeding and carelessness.

North Cyprus News - Tolga Atakan

Minister Atakan, in his speech at the General Assembly, stated that the only reason for the recent collisions is mobile phones.

He said that they are trying to initiate social awareness on this issue as well as scientific studies and statistical information. Education mattered and this should begin at school.

Atakan also blamed the weather conditions affecting road and the lack of maintenance over the years.

New rules will be introduced such as enhanced driver training, controls by traffic police and vehicle inspections. Additionally, importance will be given to pedestrian crossings, he said.


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