Driving on Lapta-Kyrenia Main Road is Torture

Local residents held a demonstration this morning, partially blocking the main Lapta-Kyrenia road. They were protesting at the amount of traffic and lack of safety caused by the volume of traffic.

Alsancak Mayor, Firat Ataser said that people who lived in Alsancak, Lapta, Karsayaka and surrounding villages found using the main road every day was tortuous.

Addressing demonstrators at the Yavus Cikma Beach front, he said that since none of the ministers appeared to be listening, it was decided to hold this demonstration in protest, he said.

North Cyprus News - Police control Demonstration - AlsancakThis is a state problem”, Ataser said, “We said that we should solve it together. We tried to get help but received none and have not found a solution. We cannot get help from our Minister”.

Meanwhile police were present to manage traffic tailbacks which had resulted from the partially blocked highway. Some drivers tooted their horns in support of the demonstration.

The Alsancak mayor called on the mayor of Lapta to join the effort to acquire a budget this year to solve the problems of heavy traffic. Something which was essential to the economy, he said.

Yeni Duzen

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