Drought stricken south asks TRNC for water

Turkish Minister for Forestry and Water Works Veysel Eroğlu has said that south Cyprus is suffering from extreme drought conditions, noting that they also needed the water conveyed from Turkey via undersea pipelines to the TRNC.

The Turkish Minister who was in Bolu Turkey, answered journalists questions regarding the North Cyprus Water Project.

Upon being asked if anyone else in Cyprus had asked for access to the Turkish water supply, Eroğlu noted that south Cyprus had been gripped by serious drought conditions and that the TRNC Natural Resources Minister had called and noted that south Cyprus had asked for water.

This is a government problem, not something that I can solve on my own therefore I will be putting this request forward during the Council of Ministers meeting today”, said Eroğlu.

He added that currently there were other projects on the agenda.

We can take water to Palestine and to Africa. We have the technology, it is possible”, said the Turkish Minister.


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