Drug Abuse on The Rise in The Young

North Cyprus News - Chairman of Anti-Drug Commission - Teyfide Tecel Hatipoğlu
[Chairperson of Anti-Drug Commission – Teyfide Hatipoğlu]
Monday, 20 June 2022

The number of young people becoming addicted to drugs is on the increase and families need to be aware, Chairperson of the government’s Anti-Drug Commission Teyfide Tecel Hatipoğlu said, Yeniduzen reported.

She said that addiction is a disease and families need to act if they suspect their child has substance abuse problems. Hatipoğlu said that substances such as synthetic cannabinoids, ecstasy and cocaine are widely used. The number of deaths from substance abuse is on the rise, Hatipoğlu said.

Hatipoğlu said: “Substance use usually starts in adolescence. Individuals from all walks of life, all age groups, and different income levels misuse substances.

“We do not intervene because we do not want to see it. It takes at least three years until the family realises that their child is using substances, until they admit it. Since we are a small society, families often remain silent with the thought of ‘we will be disgraced’ or have difficulty in getting the right help from the right place due to social pressure. But addiction does not wait in the meantime, and most of the time, when the end point is reached and the individual is deeply immersed in drugs, the family says ‘I need help”.

Children should know that no matter what mistakes they make, their parents will always be there for them”, she said, adding, “Because we always consider our child worthy of the best, we may not see the situation regarding substance abuse, we don’t like it, actually we don’t want to see it”. 

Cyprus is becoming an important destination on the drug transport route. Given that the whole island is a centre for tourism, more people are transporting drugs in suitcases. Recently, police have had a number of successful drug-busting operations, Hatipoğlu told Yeniduzen.

Drug hauls from Afghanistan, known as the “Golden Crescent” and “Afghan road”, reach Central Europe via Iran and the Eastern Mediterranean, and then finally England. The fact that Cyprus is an island, tourism is widespread and it is a suitable place in terms of transportation increases the risk. Synthetic cannabinoids sent to Turkey are also transferred via Northern Cyprus, aside from China and Europe. In addition, drugs are being trafficked from Southern Cyprus.

Hatipoğlu noted that the commission is very effective at giving psychological support and rehabilitation. She gave the number of a hotline for anyone concerned about drug use. The number 1191 is free and operates 24/7.


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