Drug Traffickers Detained For Eight Days

Arrested for importing 13 K cannabis via Ercan

Three suspects – Muhad Baalwan, Zakarıya Behtaher, and Osman Süleymanoğulları arrested in connection with the seizure of 13 kilos of cannabis at Ercan Airport, appeared in court, Kibris Postasi reports.

The police stated that during the suspects’ detention, numerous individuals were questioned and statements were obtained from six individuals, while the seized substances were sent for analysis.

Giving evidence in court, Police officer Fezile Kesat stated that on April 28, 2024, at 9 am, Customs and Excise Department officials discovered 13 kilograms of cannabis in 26 packages inside Baalwan’s suitcase during a check at Ercan Airport. Baalwan confessed to obtaining the drugs from a person in Taiwan and intending to deliver them to an unknown individual in the TRNC, receiving 5,000 euros in return. 

Meanwhile, Behtaher, who arranged for Baalwan’s arrival and sent a taxi to the airport, was intercepted at the Akyar Border Crossing on April 29, 2024, at around 3.30 pm while attempting to cross to South Cyprus. Despite denying any involvement, evidence suggests Behtaher’s connection to Baalwan, including communication and sharing of accommodation details. 

Further investigation revealed Osman Süleymanoğulları’s involvement as the taxi driver hired by Behtaher, who was subsequently arrested. The police mentioned that when they attempted to examine the arrested suspects’ phones, but Behtaher refused to provide his password, and Süleymanoğulları claimed that his phone had malfunctioned. The police emphasised the importance of phone records for the ongoing investigation, however, Behtaher had reset his phone and Süleymanoğulları had refused to provide the password.

The suspects were detained, with the court granting an extension of their detention for eight more days while investigations continue.

Kibris Postasi

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