Drugs found smuggled from South Cyprus

Police have set up a major investigation into a drug smuggling operation following the arrest of 26 year old Ali Yavuzcan by a special narcotics team on the 14th of January. Yavuzcan was found to be in possession of 17 grams of synthetic cannabis.

The police say that they now have proof that these drugs were smuggled into the TRNC from South Cyprus by another person and that this arrest was part of a wider operation. They also say that there are a lot more drugs and people involved.

In Nicosia Criminal Court yesterday, the police testified that they were alerted by a tip off that Yavuzcan was carrying drugs. When they arrested him as he was getting into his car in Ortakoy, he had 2 grams of drugs on him. The prisoner attempted to escape and while running away was seen trying to hide a package behind an apartment building. He was then re-captured and a search revealed another packet of drugs behind the apartment columns. This one held 15 grams of synthetic cannabis.

Mr Yavuzcan was ordered to be held in custody for three days while police continue their investigations.

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