Early elections in the TRNC?

The war of words and clash of wills between the two contenders for the ruling UBP party leadership continues.

Prime Minister Irsen Kucuk won the leadership election against Dr Kasif MP for Famagusta, under a cloud of controversy. However the war between the two factions rumbles on and threatens to split the party.

Dr Kasif has the support of President Eroglu and there have been a number of bitter exchanges between Kucuk and Eroglu. The most recent cause for strife was the election of a new secretary general. This was required, after Namsoy resigned from his post, to focus on his duties as mayor of Lapta.

Currently, Kucuk is visiting the US, where he will attend the Turkish Day Parade; however trouble awaits him on his return. Ahmet Kasif represents a significant section of opposition to Mr Kucuk. He has threatened that he will have 10 deputies that support him abstain from attending parliament.

The UBP currently has 30 of the 50 seats in parliament but needs  26 deputies to attend for parliament to be able to be assembled. It would then be relying on the opposition to provide a quorum.

If this does not happen, then it is probable that the government would fall and that elections would be held in autumn of this year instead of April 2014 as scheduled.

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