Early elections possible after Denktas’ land scandal

The furore around the allotting of 200 donums land in the Nicosia suburb of Metehan to Deputy Prime Minister Serdar Denktas’ son Rauf, has caused embarrassment for the major coalition party UBP.

‘Yeni Duzen’ reports that the plan is to build a university on the plot formerly occupied by the Turkish military. The issue has been discussed by the UBP’s parliamentary committee and the proposal to hold early elections has come onto the agenda.

According to the paper, 5 November, 2017 was mentioned as a possible election date but no decision has been made yet.

Some MP and UBP ministers have argued that a step backwards could be made on the issue of establishing the Denktas University, by reversing the decision to give the land to Denktas.

Turkish Cypriot ‘Havadis’ newspaper UBP deputy Zorlu Tore said that he opposed allotting land to Denktas and that the issue had caused “serious discomfort” within UBP’s parliamentary group. He noted that they had discussed holding early elections in November or December 2017 or in the first months of 2018, but nothing was decided.

Havadis also reports that UBP deputy Ersin Tatar said that the issue of allotting land to the Denktas family has been under serious discussion within the party and everyone had expressed their discomfort about the move. He noted that his personal view is that the decision was not right but the final word will be given by the party. He pointed out that they had discussed the annulment of the decision and holding early elections.

Yeni Duzen, Havadis

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