Earthquake detected by Lefke monitoring station

An earthquake was recorded by Lefke earthquake monitoring station earlier today.

The first quake had a magnitude of 4.2 at 14:10 local time, with an aftershock of magnitude 3.3 at 19:15 today.

The epicentre of the earthquake was around 97 kms offshore from the station.

Cyprus lies in a seismic zone and the whole of the island can be considered as an earthquake vulnerable area. Damage from earthquakes in the past have been reported from all over the island. However, both the historical and the contemporary data reveal that the most earthquake prone area of Cyprus is the coastal zone that extends from Paphos through Limassol and Larnaca to Famagusta. A large part of the Besparmak range and the part of the Troodos range, constitute the least earthquake prone areas of Cyprus.

Map of earthquake location
Map of earthquake location

A large number of medium to strong earthquakes have their epicentres in the sea, several tens of kilometres away from inhabited areas and the damage that may cause is small to negligible, as the intensity with which an area is struck depends on the distance from the source of the earthquake. As many earthquakes have their epicentres in the west and south, it is obvious that the areas affected more by these are the western and southern coastal zones.

The water pipeline from Anamur in Turkey, which will feed the enlarged dam at Gecitkoy, was designed to withstand local seismic activity such as this.

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