ECHR Could Invalidate Immovable Property Commission

The Immovable Property Commission could be considered ineffective, one month before the hearings at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) of three out of the 65 applications filed by Greek Cypriot applicants.

North Cyprus News - Immovable Property Commission - IPCFifteen of these cases concerned people who were not paid the agreed amount after they had reached an amicable settlement, despite the fact that there had been a protracted wait for a decision. In the other 50 cases, the commission gave no decision, Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Havadis’ writes, adding that if a decision in favour of the plaintiffs is taken, Turkey will suffer “great damage”. The paper writes also the following as regards the actions of Turkish officials:

They are holding meetings to decide whether they will go to the solution of amicable settlement by 18 June. A high level meeting was held in Ankara, participating was retired attorney-general Zaim Necatigil from the TRNC.

If a way for an amicable settlement before the ECHR hearing on 18 June 2019 is not reached, the [other] Greek Cypriot applicants will take their demands to the ECHR. If the conclusion that ‘local remedies in North Cyprus are exhausted’ is reached during these hearings, the validity of the Immovable Property Commission will end”.


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