ECHR Issues November Deadline for Varosha Case

North Cyprus News - ECHRThe European Court of Human Rights has given the Turkish side until 4 November to present its evidence in the case of KV Mediterranean Tours Limited v Turkey.

The case which began in 2010 and still remains unresolved, was taken to the ECHR, which has said that the Turkish Cypriots have until 4 November to provide documentation which demonstrates that the Evkaf own the disputed lands in Varosha.

The Greek Cypriot side will defend its arguments with secret documents dating from 1960, according to Cyprus News Agency. The potential for an amicable arrangement with the Turkish side has been exhausted in the case of an apartment complex in Varosha. The case remains pending before the ECHR.

Greek Cypriot lawyer Achilleas Demetriades representing KV Mediterranean said that the ECHR had given the deadline to for evidence and explanatory information in order to decide whether or not to take part in the legal process.

On 23 July, 2010, made an application by KV Mediterranean Tours Ltd. to the Immovable Property Commission in North Cyprus (IPC) for compensation for the apartment complex in Varosha. In 2016, the TRNC Supreme Administrative Court ruled that the Evkaf must be included as a third party.

The Evkaf claims that the property in question belongs to the Abdullah Pasha Foundation and was under its management. Following which, the IPC halted the process. KV Mediterranean tours claim that the IPC had dragged out the decision-making process and complained to the IPC about the involvement of the Evkaf as a third party, which prevented the property being returned.

Previously, Demtriades said “Our position is that Evkaf has no place in this procedure”,

There is a reference in the 1960 Treaty of Establishment of the Republic of Cyprus on the final settlement of all claims by Turkish Cypriots, including the Evkaf, in exchange of £1.5m sterling paid by the British government, he said. Allegedly, under the Treaty of Establishment, the political leaders at the time, Fazil Kucuk and Rauf Denktash assured the British government or the colonial government that they would not make any other financial demands on behalf of the Turkish Cypriot community.

Legally, I cannot understand the demand of Evkaf”, Demetriades said.

Lawyer Demetriades said, “The Turkish side will give its own evaluations and the Republic of Cyprus should also establish its official position as a state so that the Court can hear the claims of both sides”.

Yeni Duzen

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