ECHR Property Commission Ruling Should be Taken Seriously

Leader of the People’s Party (HP) Kudret Ozersay has warned that the ruling made by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) regarding the Immovable Property Commission (IPC) should be taken seriously and some concrete steps should be taken as soon as possible.

In a written statement, Ozersay noted: “If we want the foreign states and the international organisations to respect us and our institutions, and if we want them to address us, then we should make our domestic law compatible with international law”.

He argued that the People’s Party election declaration includes a proposal regarding this issue, and added: “It is necessary to create a fund for the IPC, to abandon the bad management tactics, which were created by the politics  of the old guard and to present a vision compatible with international law. This is the vision of the People’s Party”.

On the same issue, Turkish Cypriot daily Vatan reports that the Revival Party (YDP), also commenting on the latest decision taken by the ECHR on an appeal made by Greek Cypriot Adriani Ioannou, argued that while the ECHR accepted the IPC as an effective domestic remedy and it that was an historic opportunity to direct all Greek Cypriot applicants to the IPC, it was an extremely sad business to render the IPC ineffective because of the clumsy policies of the TRNC administrators and their populist mentality.

In a written statement, the YKP reiterated its request to make legal arrangements regarding the local improvement tax (a tax levied because of the increase in the value of immovable property in the surrounding area or region when it has been significantly improved) in order to create a fund for the IPC.

Havadis, Vatan

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