Economic Chaos: Unraveling Corruption

Asım Akansoy - CTP
[Asım Akansoy – General Secretary – CTP]
General Secretary of the Republican Turkish Party (CTP), Asım Akansoy, said that Turkish Cypriots are stuck in the triangle of corruption, poverty and extinction, and stated that the problems should be diagnosed correctly, the necessary legal regulation and solutions should be created, Yeniduzen reported in an interview.

Emphasising the importance of political will, Akansoy said, “Unfortunately, the government has no weight in these lands. The game is set up like this from the beginning. A weak, command-following government governed by instructions will not be of any benefit to the people. When the main actor of lawlessness is the government, why should citizens observe the laws? We need to understand how serious the situation is“, he said.

Akansoy underlined the need for a management approach with a strong analytical approach and that can create a road map. “We can move forward with a stable government that acts quickly, makes decisions“, he said.

Black Market

Initially, the influx of black money is tolerated, followed by outdated legislation in response to the havoc it wreaks. This tacitly encourages the informal economy while depriving the public of essential services. No measures are taken to alleviate the situation.  Meanwhile, the national income fails to benefit either the government or the majority of citizens. While some amass fortunes, essential institutions like Dr. Burhan Nalbantoğlu State Hospital and public education falter. This economic model inevitably influences society and culture, as demonstrated by the rising number of non-Turkish-speaking students in Iskele schools and escalating crime rates.

‘This entrenched corruption needs to be addressed alongside combating this society’s financial inequalities. Without a concerted effort to curb illicit financial activities, close regulatory loopholes, and prevent the formation of criminal syndicates, it will be difficult to make any meaningful progress. This system thrives not on the promotion of public interests but through the influence of self-serving entities that supplant governmental authority.

“Regrettably, the government lacks significant influence in these domains. The stage was set from the outset: a feeble administration beholden to external directives offers little benefit to the populace. When the government itself is the primary perpetrator of lawlessness, why should citizens feel compelled to abide by regulations? This dire predicament demands acknowledgment“, Akansoy stated.

For full interview click here: Yeniduzen

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