Economic Cooperation aims to Improve the Economy

The main goal of the government and Turkey is to improve the welfare levels of the people in the TRNC by signing the Economic and Financial Cooperation Agreement, Prime Minister Ersin Tatar has said.

In a statement about the protocol, Tatar said that Turkey had been providing support for socio-economic development since 1950.

The Economic and Financial Cooperation Agreement we signed with the Turkish Vice-President Fuat Oktay on 20 July aims at this purpose. When we came to powe,r we found an Economic and Financial Cooperation Agreement which needed to be signed with Turkey, a serious financial situation and a weak economy”, Tatar said. He reminded that, therefore, they had signed a transitional period agreement with Turkey which involves the rest of 2019.

Noting that as stated by the Turkish Vice-President Oktay, with this agreement, Turkey will grant 750 million TL, the prime minister said this money will be used for the completion of some infrastructure projects and payment of some public debts.

It gives no benefit to our country and people to attack our government and Turkey with unfair accusations”, Tatar said.

Stressing that their main goal was to make the best of this transition period and to sign a new agreement with Turkey by the end of the year, he said: “As stated by the previous government there are some constitutional problems which they brought to the agenda during talks with Turkey and which they came to terms with Turkey to take measures on. We need to overcome these problems otherwise neither our economy will develop nor will our quality of life improve”.


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