Economic crisis in South sees increase in sex trade in TRNC

The economic crisis in South Cyprus has created new avenues for enterprising criminals.

These gangs are basically looking at increasing the trade between the stricken South and the relatively more stable TRNC.

As previously reported, there is increased activity by human traffickers taking refugees living in South Cyprus across the border to the North. Foreigners no longer qualify for South Cyprus State benefits they once received. Consequently a number of them are paying to cross the border illegally into the TRNC.

Now a new activity has come to light. Filipino prostitutes are congregating at Lokmaci crossing. When they cross over to the TRNC, they contact customers and are taken away in taxis. It is claimed that as a result of the economic problems in the South, payments for sex have been driven down from 40 euros to 20 euros.

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