Economy minister signs new economy protocol with Turkey

A protocol for cooperation was signed by Minister of Economy and Energy Sunat Atun and Turkish Minister for Economy Nihat Zeybekci.

Atun was invited by Turkey’s Minster for Economy to hold a series of meetings. The protocol envisages the restructuring of trade relations between the two countries and also includes product safety.

It has also been announced that the 1st TRNC Fair, organised under the auspices of the Turkish Ministry of Economy will be held in Istanbul on the 16th November to promote local goods and services.

At the signing ceremony, the Turkish Minister of Economy Zeybekci said that Turkey had averted a major disaster with the attempted coup on the 15th July as a result of the heroic resistance put up by the public.

Reminding that he had recently visited the TRNC, Zeybekci said that Turkey will continue to do all it can for the development of the TRNC and to solve its outstanding problems.

Stating that the water being piped from Turkey is now supplying homes all across the TRNC, the Turkish Economy Minister said that the next step will be to use the water for agricultural purposes.

Atun for his part said that the real heroes who prevented the 15th July coup attempt from succeeding were the Turkish people

Referring to the TRNC economy, Atun said that the protocols signed will enhance the TRNC’s exports by at least 20%. He also expressed the view that the protocol signed on product safety, will ease trade relations between the two countries and will contribute to increasing exports to Turkey from the TRNC.

Atun is expected to return to the North today, after completing his contacts.

BRT (Online)

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