Education System to be Overhauled

Minister of Education and Culture Cemal Ozyigit has said that “his biggest dream for the education system in the country was to raise generations who will claim the future of the country”.

North Cyprus News - Cemal Ozyigit - TDPIn an interview with TAK news agency, Ozyigit said that education should not be a scratch pad and added that government policy will be established in this field. Stating that “the state schools will be reorganised to be fully-equipped so that they can compete with private schools”, he said work will also be launched to bring the education system closer to international standards.

Ozyigit also said that they will pursue a compromising manner and stressed that the vested rights of teachers will not be touched.

Responding to a question whether a new arrangement will be made on the college exams, he said “instead of competitive exams we will try to materialise an assessment and evaluation system which will bring out the ability and promote the success of students”.

Touching upon the higher education system in the country, Ozyigit said that “there were 16 universities accepting students in the country, 13 of them became accredited by the Council of Higher Education (YODAK) and 3 of them unaccredited”.

Stating that “16 more universities also received prior authorisation and that this number was too high for the country”, Ozyigit said “the target will be to increase the quality but not the number of higher education institutions”.

Moreover, Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Kibris Postasi’ reports that Ozyigit, in response to a question regarding compulsory religion lessons, said that there will be no concessions on science, democracy and secularism. He further noted that Hala Sultan Theological college will be subject to supervision and evaluation. The minister added that establishing a new theology college is not in the agenda.

BRT, Kibris Postasi

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